Beachfront Punta Mita​​​


Things to do in Punta Mita​​
  1. Surfin in front of your condo
    You can surf in different brakes in the area from beginner to intermediate at beachfront Punta Mita to advance at "La Lancha" and "El Faro surf break"
  2. Paddle boarding in front of your condo
    Paddle Board
    Punta Mita area beaches are protected from the pacific currents, this makes a perfect place to practice paddle boarding
  3. Marietas islands
    Marietas Islands
    One such marvel of nature are the Marietta Islands. A trip there is a dream come true for snorkeling lovers. A motor boat guide will pick you up in front of your condo, wade out to “la lancha” (the boat), and 20 minutes later put on your snorkel gear and jump in. Many species of birds abound including the “Blue-footed B.
  4. Fishing Punta MIta
    There is fishing basically year round. You are minutes from the pacific open sea blue waters. You can catch Dorado, tuna, marlin, red snapper most of the year.
  1. Whale watching Banderas Bay
    Whale Watching
    The first time I stood on the balcony of my condo with binoculars, I immediately saw a mother whale frolicking with her calf. Whales love to spend the cooler seasons in the Banderas Bay. There are also wonderful whale watching tours available if you want to see these magnificent creature up close. My advice, pack the binoculars with the camera. There is so much to see.
  2. Zip line Punta MIta
    Zip Line
    For the "thrill seekers", we have zip lines near by. A few miles away from the ocean, the jungle takes over and zip lines are set up to see the most exotic places and animals. Can I recommend it? I'm a coward and have never tried. However, those that do, report it is an amazing experience.
  3. Golf at Litibu
    There are many courses to chose from. Some quite pricy and some are very reasonable like Litibu. If it's golf you want, let us know your price range and we will find the right course for you.
  4. Boogie boarding in front of your condo
    Boogie Board
    There is something for everyone. Kids love to boogie board and the best place to do so is right in front of the condo. That way, mom and dad can keep an eye on the young ones while relaxing in the pool.
  1. Litibu Beach
    Discover nearby beaches
    There are many beaches to visit within 5 minutes from Punta Mita
  2. Sayulita Shopping
    Visit nearby towns
    Sayulita, San Pancho, Higuera Blanca, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Bucerias, all within 20 minute drive, offers beautiful safe roads surrounded by jungle, local restaurants, shopping and beautiful beaches.

Nearby Beaches

  1. Stinky' Beach
    Stinky's Beach
  2. North Punta Mita Beach
    North Punta Mita
  3. El Dorado Beach
    El Dorado Beach
  4. North Punta Beach
    North Punta Mita
  5. El Anclote Beach Surf Brake
    El Anclote Beach
  6. North Punta Mita
    North Punta Mita
  7. La Lancha
    La Lancha
The Punta Mita Story 
The Spanish translation of Punta Mita is Arrowhead‚ and the tip of the peninsula is shaped as such.  From a small residential development. Punta Mita has evolved into one of Mexico's most exclusive luxury communities.  
 During the colonization of Mexico, the Spanish Crown rewarded explorers, leaders of religious orders and nobles with the most coveted tracks of land.  For the native people, they allocated areas of lesser value.  Indian land endowments or Ejidos were owned by the tribe and  could not be sold without total tribal agreement; and that agreement was very hard to attain.  As such, Punta Mita was off limits to developers for hundreds of years. 

Marietas Islands

One of the many marvels of nature are the Marieta Islands.  A trip there is a  dream come true for snorkel lovers. A 20 minute trip by motor boat will get you to the islands, put on your  gear and jump into an underwater oasis of aquatic life. As you swim thru a craggy tunnel you will emerge on the other side at stunning hidden beach.  This hidden beach is unparalleled in its beauty and is the highlight of many visitors trip.

Blue Footed Boobie

Many species of birds abound including the ‚ Blue-footed Boobie‚ which by the way, can only be found in three parts of the world. There are over 100 species of fish, beautiful coral reefs

The Cousteau Legacy

Jacque Cousteau, the famous undersea explorer and conservationist, called the Marieta Islands ‚ the Galapagos of the western hemisphere.  He fought hard to protect them and started a movement to have them declared a national park.  In 2005, 8 short years after his death. his hard work payed off.  They are now a national park and conservational area.