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​About My Punta Mita Getaway

"My Getaway" sits atop the most beautiful beach in Punta Mita and enjoys all the breathtaking views the Banderas Bay has to offer.  Enjoy the show of pelicans and sea gulls as they swoop about and whales breaching in the distance. By night, watch the twinkling lights of Puerto Vallarta or stars and moon not dimmed by city lights.  Enjoy the infinity swimming pool, the spa, or just watch the waves roll by.  Our beaches are beyond compare.  Great to walk and discover the miracles of sea life.

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Our Story

​​My husband Mike and I started exploring Mexico in the mid-90's and originally settled on Sayulita just fifteen minutes north.  At the time it was a quiet village of fishermen and mango orchards.  Brahma bulls and horses still roamed freely thru the dirt roads of town.  Its since become a destination for weddings, parties, and young beachgoers.  We chose to be close enough to enjoy all the great restaurants, but far enough away to get a great night sleep, hear the ocean, and find that somewhat sleepy Mexican town still in existance.  We found a perfect spot to land at Faro Real condos.  Just 12 units of really nice people, and the only thing between us and ocean, is the pool and patio.  Surf and paddleboarding right out front, a long beach to walk, incredible sunrises and sunsets, and still close to the Puerto Vallarta airport and several interesting towns to the north and south for exploration.